About Tiye 
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whatever that thing is, do it.

Tiye. Pronounced tee-YAY.
I am a lot of things.

Photographer, Founder, content creator, sister, friend, coffee-drinker, digital marketer, meme re-poster, once a week gym goer, DIY face mask guru, once-a-month facebook status updater, college graduate, corny joke maker, the list goes on and on and if you skimmed that, I don't blame you. I'm also an avid list maker. Did I write this bio just to make a list? Maybe.


I am based in the most wonderful borough of New York - Brooklyn. I thrive doing conceptual portraits and family photography. Put a 35mm lens in my hands and a couple of beautiful (inside and out, of course) people in front of me and I'm like a kid in a candy store.  I itch to create, it runs through my bloodline - making something out of nothing; exposing the beauty of things.

Perhaps I adore portrait photography because the social butterfly deep within me just wants to connect to other creatives. Shooting (for me) is a collaborative effort: bouncing ideas off one another, finding pleasing angles and where the light hits just right, and doing a rendition of "What Y'all Mad at Today" is typically how shoots with me go. Does this still count as a bio? Let's make some art and small talk!


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